Edinburgh Intl. Film Festival 2015: Documentary Picks by Physical Impossibility

1. Remake, Remix, Rip Off (dir Cem Kaya, 2014)

21/06, 20:35 at Cineworld | 28/06, 13:40 at Cineworld

I couldn’t not pick this, though I’m 100% sure it’ll be fantastic. I’ve written before on the strange phenomenon of Turkish Remakesploitation and found research materials pretty thin, to non-existent, especially in terms of first person accounts. I can say with confidence, then, that this is not only a long-overdue excavation of a fascinating period of world cinema but it’s also a compelling tale of gung ho creativity and extreme cheekiness, which should really appeal to absolutely everyone. Director Cem Kaya is attending the screening on Sunday 21/06.