Indie Wire’s The 20 Best Documentaries Of 2015 So Far

“Remake, Remix, Rip-Off” got an honorable mention in Indie Wire’s list of “The 20 Best Documentaries Of 2015 So Far.”

In the category of docs about film and filmmakers, there have been a host of great entries already, of which no fewer than three take a socio-cultural look at the Hollywood films of the ’80s: the rambunctious video piracy in Turkey doc “Remake Remix Rip Off”; the fun, well-reconstructed story of “Chuck Norris vs Communism” in Ceaucescu’s Romania, which almost unfolds like a thriller itself; and “Electric Boogaloo: The Story Of Cannon Films” which some of us enjoyed more than others, but covers the cheapie genre giant’s heyday.