After long illness, another legendary Yeşilçam veteran actor Yılmaz Köksal deceased last month. Our condolences to his family and friends.

Yılmaz Köksal entered the Turkish film scene in 1965. With Çetin Inanç’s Western comedy “Çeko”, released in 1970, he became famous over night. After this film, he was a sought-after actor for adventure comedies. He had gained the hearts of the Turkish audiences by creating a likeable rascal character, that nobody could be angry at.

The company, that had produced “Çeko” was Erman Film, one of the big players in the Turkish market standing for quality films. The poster of the film is one of a kind, because it has just the name of the film and the production company written on it, nothing else. This way they wanted to create a mystery around the movie.

One of his other important films is “Cemo ile Cemile,” released in 1971, which is considered the Turkish remake of “Bonnie and Clyde.” But it’s more than that, cause it touches topics like, westernization, inner migration or the tradition of blood feuds in Turkey.

For the first time in Turkish film history, slow motion scenes were used in this movie. For the lack of 35mm cameras that can record more than 24 frames a second, the scenes were shot in 16mm and pushed later to 35.

Dear Yılmaz Köksal, we will miss you very much!

Have a glance into Cemo ile Cemile here:

Asilana_Kadar_Poster  Ceko_Poster Cemo_ile_Cemile_Bonnie_and_Clyde_Poster Dag_Kurdu_Poster Kaderimiz_PosterMaceraya_Bayilirim_Poster Kan_ve_Kursun_film_poster  Yilmaz_Koksal_Cowboy Yilmaz_Koksal_portraitCeko_Lobi_Card