Nach über 80 Festivals in 35 Ländern ist es soweit.
Remake, Remix, Rip-Off hat seine Kinopremiere in Deutschland.
Es geht los ab dem 5ten Mai in der Brotfabrik in Berlin.

Bisherige Termine:

ab. 5.5. Berlin, Brotfabrik

11.5. + 16.5. Nürnberg, Kommkino

ab 12.5. München, Werkstattkino

18.5. Stuttgart, Innenstadtkinos


Películas Cineuropa 2015


Another chance to watch RRR in Spain arrises with the Cineuropa Festival in Santiago de Compostela in the far West of Spain.

Teatro Principal, 22 de novembro ás 00:45

Dear Santiago de Compostelanians, we wish you a nice movie show. Remember the films of Spanish helmer Segundo de Chomón? He was a pioneer in filmmaking in many ways similar to the progtagonists of our movie.…/remake-remix-rip-off-about-copy-cult…


REMAKE, REMIX, RIP-OFF – 2015 Hawaii Intl. Film Festival

Slowly but surely our festival tour is coming to an end. One of the highlist this week is the HIFF, where we are nominated for the Halekulani Golden Orchid Award. Many thanks to the festival team!

Dear filmlovers, if you are in Honolulu, seize the chance!
Cancel your meetings, fake an illness and bunk off school to watch RRR at these dates:

Thursday, Nov 19 4:15 PM Dole Cannery D
Friday, Nov 20 8:45 PM Dole Cannery G…/detail/remake_remix_rip_off_2015




Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival

Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival

Now entering our 4th year, IIFFF has once again brought together an upstanding curation of genre films from all over the globe. This year, along with those films entered into our International Competition we will offer a mini-series on Turkish cinema, aptly entitled The Outta-Mind Empire. Two highlights from this block will be the mind-blowing documentary REMAKE, REMIX, RIP-OFF and the international premiere of SICCIN 2.

Fri. Nov. 13 • 4pm • Cinemapolis

1938 ---  Turkish Movie Poster --- Image by © Swim Ink 2, LLC/CORBIS

1938 – Turkish Movie Poster – Bay Tekin against the Stone Men, Photograph by © Cem Kaya

Complete Line-up | Ithaca International Film Festival.

La Cinémathèque de Toulouse

Demain á La Cinémathèque de Toulouse.

Extreme Cinéma

Along with RRR the festival is screening “Tarzan Istanbul’da.”
In French “Hassan l’orphelin de la jungle”

“Remake, Remix, Rip-Off” screening:
Mercredi, 04 Novembre 18h30

“Hassan l’orphelin de la jungle” screening:
Jeudi 05 Novembre 20h30

La Cinémathèque de Toulouse.



After long illness, another legendary Yeşilçam veteran actor Yılmaz Köksal deceased last month. Our condolences to his family and friends.

Yılmaz Köksal entered the Turkish film scene in 1965. With Çetin Inanç’s Western comedy “Çeko”, released in 1970, he became famous over night. After this film, he was a sought-after actor for adventure comedies. He had gained the hearts of the Turkish audiences by creating a likeable rascal character, that nobody could be angry at.

The company, that had produced “Çeko” was Erman Film, one of the big players in the Turkish market standing for quality films. The poster of the film is one of a kind, because it has just the name of the film and the production company written on it, nothing else. This way they wanted to create a mystery around the movie.

One of his other important films is “Cemo ile Cemile,” released in 1971, which is considered the Turkish remake of “Bonnie and Clyde.” But it’s more than that, cause it touches topics like, westernization, inner migration or the tradition of blood feuds in Turkey.

For the first time in Turkish film history, slow motion scenes were used in this movie. For the lack of 35mm cameras that can record more than 24 frames a second, the scenes were shot in 16mm and pushed later to 35.

Dear Yılmaz Köksal, we will miss you very much!

Have a glance into Cemo ile Cemile here:

Asilana_Kadar_Poster  Ceko_Poster Cemo_ile_Cemile_Bonnie_and_Clyde_Poster Dag_Kurdu_Poster Kaderimiz_PosterMaceraya_Bayilirim_Poster Kan_ve_Kursun_film_poster  Yilmaz_Koksal_Cowboy Yilmaz_Koksal_portraitCeko_Lobi_Card

Finally our U.S. Premiere is approaching!

Fantastic Fest is showing REMAKE, REMIX, RIP-OFF along with three Turkish genre film classics:


For the first time ever jet-director Çetin Inanç and king of special effects Kunt Tulgar are going to attend a screening of their notorious STAR WARS rip-off THE MAN WHO SAVES THE WORLD.


Mexico Premiere!

We are happy to announce, that our Mexico premiere is going to be at GIFF, The Guanajuato International Film Festival.

For Turkey being this year’s guest country, besides our documentary many other Turkish films are going to be screened as well. We are going to recommend some Turkish classics in the following posts.

Screening dates:
Sat, Jul 18 8:00 PM
Cinemex Plaza La Luciernaga / San Miguel de Allende

Sat, Jul 25 12:00 PM
Auditorio de la Universidad Guanajuato